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What We Do

The Yarmouth County Learning Network primarily serves adults in need of literacy services by offering free upgrading programs that are tailored to the needs, goals, and learning styles of each individual student.

Our unique programs teach reading, writing, and math skills to adults so that they can achieve financial independence, good health, and greater involvement in community life.

Study. Learn. Understand.

Our Mission is simple. The Yarmouth County Learning Network improves lives through literacy. We are committed to helping learners reach their full potential by providing high-quality education; ensuring a safe teaching and learning environment; and, most of all, treating learners with respect and dignity.

The Yarmouth County Learning Network has over 20 years of experience working with adults who want to improve their opportunities. Whether you are looking to better your reading and writing skills, get your GED, or obtain your high school diploma, our qualified instructors and tutors will build a personal program that works for you.

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